There are 4 parking areas you may park your car in when you’ve arrived at FGA KL. The list is as below:
  1. Wisma FGA: There are 5 levels of parking spaces in the building, ranging from P1 to P5. A gentle reminder to remember where you park as most levels may look similar to you when you exit the lift. Also, a precaution to new drivers, the parking ramps are a little narrow. If you have difficulty handling your car, you may opt for the other parking areas below.
  2. Parking Lot outside Wisma FGA: FGA has a small parking lot outside the building that may be able to contain about 40 – 50 cars.
  3. 2 Acre Car Park: The 2 acre car park at FGA is termed as such because it’s 2 acres, and has the space for quite a number of cars. The 2 Acre car park is a short distance away from FGAKL and requires you and your passengers a 5-8 minute walk from the car park to either FGA Main Sanctuary or Wisma FGA.
  4. Parking at Plaza Prima: a building slightly nearer than 2 acre car park. Please head to the basement car park’s guard house to obtain a stamped ticket to leave the car park for free.

Wisma FGA

Wisma FGA is a tall orange building of FGA, KL. The building consists of 5 Levels (L1 – L5). Ministries such as Children’s Ministry, Varsity Ministry, Youth Church and Young Adults’ Ministry, and Golden Years’ Fellowship meet at this building. Wisma FGA contains many small rooms in all it’s 5 levels. There is a guard house and lost and found area in P2. The church office is also situated in Wisma FGA, do contact us for more information!

FGA KL Main Sanctuary

The FGA KL Main Sanctuary is the building opposite Wisma FGA. The Main Sanctuary has a chapel, and also large and small basement rooms in the basement. Most main services and church-wide events are held in the Sanctuary of the FGAKL Main Sanctuary building.
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