Congratulations on your engagement! Planning on getting married in FGA? First of all, you need to know that your decision to marry is a lifetime commitment. We are excited to walk with you as you and your future spouse begin this lifelong journey together. Below are some important information to help you plan for your wedding here!
FGA has been given the license to act as an Assistant Registrar by the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN). In adhering to the requirements by JPN, all marriage solemnizations must be conducted in the church premises. Below are some pre-requisites that need to be met:
  1. The couple must be born-again Christians.
  2. The couple must be water-baptized.
  3. The couple must be a member of a Life Group for at least 6 months before any marriage forms can be submitted to the church Administration Department.
  4. The couple is not cohabiting (living together) and/or involved in a sexual relationship.
  5. Once pre-requisites No. 1- 4 have been met, all applications must be submitted to the church Administration Dept at least 6 months before the planned wedding date.
  6. All applications for marriage solemnization must be recommended by the Life Group Leader. Recommendations are based on regular attendance and character reference.
  7. Couples who have already been registered at the Civil Registry of Marriages or who have been married before (except for widows/widowers) are not eligible to solemnize their marriage in FGA.
  8. FGA will officiate the wedding ceremony when all pre-requisites mentioned above are met.
If you wish to have the wedding outside the church premises, you would be required to register your marriage with the Civil Registry. FGA would then conduct a Wedding Ceremony for the couple provided that:
  1. The pre-requisites 1 to 6 mentioned above are met.
  2. The couple are living apart and have not consummated their marriage prior to the Wedding Ceremony.
  3. The date of the Wedding Ceremony is as close as possible to the registration date at the Civil Registry (preferably within the same week). The couple must be registered first before the Wedding Ceremony can take place.
FGA’s vision is to see couples growing in their relationship with God and with one another, and to be a blessing to the church, community and nation. We believe that when a marriage is founded on God’s principles, the marriage will bring fulfillment and happiness, which will build up a good testimony, a strong family, a solid church and a secure society. This is the reason we view the marriage counseling as an integral part in the preparation for marriage. All couples intending to marry are requested to attend pre-marital counseling sessions with an assigned counselor. Find out more about Pre-Marital Counseling in our Family Life website.
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