We are glad you stopped by to visit us. Sign of Love is a ministry to those who welcomes all individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. Our goal is to help all who are facing hearing difficulties learn more about Jesus, develop a close relationship with Him and enjoy friendships within the family of God.

Sign of Love (SOL), was established in 1989, under the Full Gospel Assembly (FGA), Kuala Lumpur. Some of the programs organized by SOL are Bible Classes, Home
Fellowships, Camps, Fellowship Outings and many other types of exciting programs and events.

Sign of Love (SOL) can feel like a breath of fresh air to a Deaf person who has only known church as a place where they were on the outside looking in through the window of an interpreter. They are no longer spectators; they are now part of the action.  The SOL service is designed to enhance the worship and fellowship experience.  Worshipers sign their praise to God in congregational songs.  The message and all information shared are in sign language, their native tongue. Also, Deaf people best learn interactively.  In SOL, members are free to ask questions, seek clarification, and have discussions together.

What a better way to learn and share?

SOL meets every Sunday from 11.15am – 1.00pm at Level 4, Room 7 of Wisma FGA (Kuala Lumpur). Do join us!

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