We Believe

We believe that we are called to be music ministers. We function not as performers, but as servers. We count it an honour to be able to lead the church into His presence; where together, we would experience life-changing ‘God moments’.



As part of the FGA KL Worship Team, we ask that you would be in agreement with the following:

  1. I am a born-again believer in Jesus Christ – having a relationship with Him and keeping a devotional life.

  2. I am committed to FGA’s Statement of Faith, Core Values, Vision, and Mission. To know more, please click here.

  3. I am connected and accountable through a Life Group (i.e. Home Fellowships and Cell Groups). If you do not belong to one, a Life Group will be introduced to you.

  4. I consider FGA to be my home church and have attended regularly for at least 6 months. As part of the team, I am committed to continually stay faithful to the church by regularly attending weekend services and fulfilling my responsibilities in the ministry.

  5. I am able to serve in any of the following services and sound checks: Wed, Sat, Sun, and extra events.

  6. I am able to read and play chord charts. (It is preferable that you have been trained or have had experience in your primary instrument; though it is not mandatory.)

  7. I have completed a successful audition as organised by the FGA KL Worship Team.


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