The late Dr Koh was our Chairman Elder until he passed away on June 29, 2007. Together with Bro Ang, his brother-in-law, they co-founded this church and poured their entire lives into this work that God has called them to do.

Bro Ang was Dr Koh’s co-Elder, co-founder and prayer partner for 28 years. They were also bosom friends, supporting, encouraging and inspiring one another. In the beginning years, their lives practically revolved around this church. They and their families lived and breathed FGA! This was their commitment and dedication, and this big FGA family became very much a part of their own.

Interestingly, both these men were also related to one another, served as Elders in their own churches until both of them received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in the late 1970s. After that, they were forced to leave the church they were serving because the leadership did not believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues.

Their own personal encounter with the Holy Spirit are each a story on their own. Their charismatic experience later saw the birth of FGA in 1979 in the late Dr Koh’s house in Section 17. There may be some in our midst tonight who were in that first gathering in April 1979. The numbers kept on increasing and they had to move from one venue to another, until finally settling in Taman Goodwood in 1994.

Although Dr Koh devoted a lot of his time to the church, he was also completely attentive to his family. He may have loved and spent much of his time and energy in the church, but his children and grandchildren can testify that his love for them was never anything less. Even at his final hours, talking about the church brought him such an excitement.

Dr Koh was a gentle, humble, kind, gracious, unpretentious, soft-spoken man. A man of prayer and of the Word. A man of integrity. A spiritual giant. A man who loved God and loved people. His total dependence upon God in every area of his life was clearly noticed by all his children. His godly lifestyle impacted and inspired all of them to follow in his footsteps and walk faithfully with their God. He was an extraordinary man and his passing away in 2007 was an emotional and painful time for many of us. Many of those whose lives he had impacted through the years had nothing but praise for this gentle giant of faith.

Whilst Dr Koh was a gentle giant, on the other end of the spectrum was Bro Ang, whom we fondly called the ‘thundering prophet’.

Both these two men held the church in a balanced tension for 28 years until Dr Koh’s passing. They complemented each other; were very close friends and prayer partners, and when Dr Koh passed away, Bro Ang was deeply saddened. Losing his brother-in- law, a bosom friend and fellow co-labourer in the work of the ministry was heartbreaking for him.

One of the noteworthy traits of our two founding fathers was their voracious hunger for God and for His kingdom purposes to be fulfilled in FGA. Both Dr Koh, Bro Ang and their wives were men and women of prayer and of the Word. When they were still alive, both men would be found in their offices reading the Bible.

Their doors were always open for visitors or anyone who needed to see them for advice or consultation. They were men with big hearts, filled with the love of God, for people, and their passion and commitment to the work that God has put into their hands was exceptional. Those of us who have the privilege of knowing and working with these two men will know that they are indeed giants of faith! Together with their wives and families, they have sacrificed much for this church.

They have truly fought the good fight, finished the race and kept their faith. With both of them now back home in glory, it is like they have finished their work in FGA. They have done exceedingly well in their lifetime and our prayer is that each of us will be able to imitate them even as they imitated Christ. We hold unto this godly heritage they have left us, and will move forward hand-in-hand, to experience an even greater move of God, in our generation.

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