18 December 2022

Blood Donation Drive

You are Eligible to Donate Blood if You:
1. Are healthy today
2. 18-60y/o
3. Weight 45kg or more
4. Had more than 5 hours of sleep
5. Had breakfast or lunch before donation (within 4 hours)
6. Had a blood donation 3 months ago or longer (not any more recent than 3 months ago)
7. No medical problems (discuss with Medical Officer if you have any)
8. Not on any medication (discuss with Medical Officer if you have any)
9. Not having menses in the past 3 days
10. Not pregnant/ breast feeding (within the past 6 months)
11. Not a drug abuser
12. Not a homosexual (men having sex with another man)
13. Do not have multiple sexual partners
14. Do not have sex with prostitutes
15. Have not had any tattoos/piercings/acupunctures/bekam needle insertions within 6 months
16. Not stayed in UK or Europe during 1980-1996

Please Do Not Donate Blood if You Ever Had:
1. A positive test result for HIV/ Hepatitis B or C/ Syphilis
2. Sex with multiple partners (within 6 months)
3. Engaged in casual sex
4. Sex with another man (for male donors)
5. Received or been paid money/drugs for sex
6. Used drugs intravenously
7. Sex with prostitutes