We believe in the total cure for the whole man. This is something only God can provide.


For many years now, Christian Care Centre has been conducting a drug rehabilitation programme which has seen hundreds of addicts go through the training. Many are now drug-free, married, in full-time ministry and also in secular employment

The Programme

Probation Stage (2 Months)

For the first two months, he will be places on probation before he joins the next stage. If he does not respond well, this period will be extended. n some cases, difficult cases, expulsion may be necessary.


Junior Stage (10 Months)

– Encountering God
– Getting to know God
– Getting to know self

This is an important stage of rehabilitation where the student begins to grapple with the basic issues of life and learns to find meaning and purpose in God. All activity will be geared towards achieving the above-mentioned goals.


Senior Stage 1 (6 Months)

After completing one year, the student now enters the first part of their senior stage, and these six months he will begin to get the feel of re-entry into society. He will be allowed to take home leave periodically. All activities here will be focused on the following areas:

– Re-entry
– Re-orientation
– Re-establishing


Senior Stage 2 (6 Months)

This is the “last lap” before graduation. At this stage the student will wither be sent for secular employment or will serve as a helper in the centre.

Both choices allow the student to stat getting back to ‘normal living’. He now begins to take responsibility of becoming a role model to younger students.



If the student completes the two-year programme successfully, and if found to be stable, he will graduate from the programme.

A certificate will be issued to the successful student.


Do contact us for more details on our programme.

Want to help? You could…

Pray for us

Refer addicts to us

Give encouragement and practical assistance

Provide job opportunities for graduating students

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