This year it’s all about Christmas at Home!

Whether your Christmas at Home gathering looks like a celebration at our Christmas Service (our great big home!), a zoom party, or even a dinner together, we want to encourage you to be a light in your community.

This Christmas let’s make intentional effort to invite those around us into communities brimming with love, warmth, and hope.  May those in darkness discover the true gift of Christmas through you.

To help you create your own Christmas at Home, we’ve put together a Christmas Kit with resources to help bring your Christmas gathering to life!

Here’s all the info you need about our services and our special Christmas Kit.

Christmas Day Service

Date: 25/12/2021

Time: 9:30

To join us physically in church, book your tickets here.

Note: Tickets for our Christmas service will be available from 15/12/2021, 12pm. Seats are limited due to SOP and tickets will be available on a first come, first served basis.

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Christmas at Home Kit

The Christmas at Home Kit includes the following resources to help bring your Christmas gathering to life!

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Christmas Video

A short video based on a sermon by Charles Spurgeon brings to life the meaning of Immanuel; God with us. Add this to your sharing or testimony!

Kid's Material

We’ve got activities, colouring sheets and lots more to involve the children in your gatherings!

Christmas at Home - Zoom Background

If you’re doing a gathering online, we’ve got you covered too! Here’s some virtual background for you and your guests.

Makan.Pray.Love - Conversation Starters

There’s a mix of fun and interesting questions designed to spark conversations and open opportunities for us to share the truth of Christmas and God.

Christmas at Home - Invites

Inviting friends or family? Here’s an invitation you can send out. Just add the details of your gathering in your text and you’re good to go!

Spotify Christmas Playlist

Create a nice atmosphere with these great song selections playing in the background at your Christmas at Home gathering. (Click on the Spotify icon in the top right corner or click here to open the playlist)

Make a Diff.

YM Christmas Production

Our Youth Ministry has put together a wonderful performance this year. It’s a combination of animation, song, and dance presentation that tells the nativity story.

CYC Christmas Production

Add this exciting production to your Christmas gathering to help spread the Gospel! Get it here!

CYC & English Church Worship Set

Need help with worship? Here’s a worship set you can use. Invite your guest to experience God as you worship together! Get it here!