Build This House

Volunteer at Church

Have you ever wondered what role you play in church? As a family of God, we hope to see each and every member of this family fulfilling their purpose within this church that we call home. There are so many areas in which you can use the giftings God has given you to build this house. So click the link below to find out more about how you fit in the bigger picture, or contact one of the ministries to find out more.

Cancer Support Group

Everyone’s battle may be personal, but it doesn’t have to be lonely.  If you’re going through this difficult journey, we hope to shower you with as much love and support as we can.

Children Ministry

Jesus loves children, and so do we. We believe they are never too young to be discipled and, like our Lord, we say, “Let the little children come!”

Christian Care Centre

This drug rehabilitation centre we believe in the total cure of the whole man and it has been in fact our privilege to witness hundreds of addicts now drug-free, married, in full-time ministry and also in secular employment.

Community Outreach Ministry

Just as our name suggests, we reach out to the communities around us. From the women to the children there are many needs to be met and we want to be His hands and feet in this community.